Experienced with hardware and software since the early 1990’s, we’re perfectly placed as you online technology partner.

We understand business and we know how to sell online and work with a broad range of technology standards.

We’ll look after your online home and make it your castle!

Working with education for

20 years

We have worked with schools nationwide for over 20 years supplying educational resources.

Since these new and unprecedented times, schools are now looking for services to help overcome the challenges they are experiencing.

Concentrating on

Your Business

By avoiding working with competitors in the same territory, we ensure the highest possible response rate to your campaign so it’s important to get in early!

We will work with you to create an email campaign and then send it to the selected audience. We track and provide performance data and you receive contact directly from your potential clients.

Supporting you during

Unusual times

We are now using this experience to help bring together suppliers and schools.

Many products and services are now in demand that were never previously needed or considered.

We specialise in introducing the suppliers of these products and services to those who need them.

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